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R & D

R & Disthe lifeblood ofenterprise'ssurvival and development oftechnologyin the fiercecompetition,it is to achieve "production generation, prototypegeneration,the generation of researchandidea generation," thepurposeof product upgradesimportant stageof itsenterprise productdevelopment,productadvantages,develop newmarkets, increaseeconomic efficiencyand the like.In orderforthe company's newproduct development andproduct improvementworkmanagement,to acceleratethe company's technologyaccumulation,to lay the foundationto accelerate thepace of product development,productresearch and developmentto guideand improve the technicalquality of personnel.

1, new product development
To meet the market demand for the development of the company is now different from the production of new products and the products have been mass-produced on the basis of the company changes, the formation of a new type of product.

2, product improvement
In order to meet market needs, meet customer requirements, improve product quality. The company has products in mass production basis, through the modification of one or more components. The formation of a new type of product.

3, product development
Product research and development within the meaning of including new product development and product improvement.

Follow-up research and development centers:
The company in recent years, mainly developing new models:
1, ultra-high speed eagerly machine; 2, high-speed cold cutting machine; 3, high-speed film blowing machine; 4, the new multi-functional multi-layer co-extruded blown film machine; 5, ABA co-extruded blown film machine;
1, SS-CGS ultra-high-speed machines are eagerly vest bag manufacturing industry a competitive advantage in quality and speed indispensable model, which is characterized by: Making fast, stable, sealing performance, efficiency than conventional bag machine number times, very low failure rate. 2, high-speed cutting machine cold: see GFQ Series 3, high-speed film blowing machine: see HL series 4, SS-3L-5L series multifunction multilayer coextrusion film blowing machine: in 2011 the company began the development of multi-layer co-extruded blown film function machine diversification, according to market demand and changing update on our extrusion machines have been put on the traction rotation, the die cooling system, automatic roll changing, solve the conventional membrane ① prevailing traditional high-end machine surface thickness error to issue qualified molding ② ③ film transparency issues in the past a variety of traditional manual roll change arise inconvenient problems.