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Company Culture
First, the corporate vision: create the most customer satisfaction machinery and equipment

Second, the business purpose: to create the highest quality products, make the most honest service.

Third, the development goal: "industry-leading innovation, first in the country to do."

Fourth, the enterprise spirit: "unity and hard work, love and dedication; pioneering and innovative, dare for the world."

"Unity" is the basic guiding ideology of a good business development, through communication, coordination, cooperation, and create a fair and favorable business environment, the formation of pitch in unison situation.

"Hard work" in the work must be accurate, efficient, and at the completion of the task to be "He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man," the heroic feelings, there must be "not bow, do not throw in the towel, wiped away tears, hold on," the heroism, on the development of realistic milestones, encourage moderate advance against waste exaggerated.

"Benevolence" people "human nature", the firm is made up of people naturally possess human nature. Then the business culture of "nature" what is what? In fact, the corporate culture of "nature" is people-oriented. But what exactly is a "people-oriented", "humane management", by improving the care system so that employees feel respected for their business, help, and love, so that employees love the business, love of work, love of home prices. Retain good employees are the greatest wealth.

"Dedicated" people-oriented is the interest of every employee under certain conditions to maximize protection. Provided that there is a "certain conditions", this condition is not innate. Enterprises rely on every employee created. Everyone must work hard (work) for businesses to give their wisdom and strength to create the conditions, in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy the maximum benefit.

"Innovation" Innovation is the soul of enterprise development, through extensive research activities and staff rationalization proposals, the full realization of innovation; and by means of modern management concepts, information technology and standardization, technological innovation and management innovation; through foreign extensive exchanges and cooperation and achieve win-win cooperation of new technologies.

"Dare for the world" dare for the world is the source of success, we must dare to learn, the courage to practice innovation. To study the change and adaptation, generation and development in adaptation to dare to active learning, innovation viewed as a working ability. On the ever-changing market, any employee's relationship with the industry when companies have and should have the courage in the world of spirit.